Tiaz has been spreading misinformation about me, hurting my credibility, so I’ve decided to write a page about everything that has happened between us. To make things clear I am not asking anyone to attack Tiaz. This page has been written for the sole reason of telling the truth and maybe will serve as a warning to some.

While reading this please consider this has been happening over long period of time so it was hard for me to notice the abuse, especially from someone who says they are my ‘friend’ or ‘brother’.

Let’s start where it all started. We’ve met on Tumblr somewhere back in 2017. 

We talked through Tumblr and over time I taught him how to use Blender.

Then after some time it was clear that tumblr is going down so I made myself a website: likkezg.com. Tiaz wanted a website too, so I helped him set it up.

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