Why the 2B x Horse project never happened, the aftermath.

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Tiaz has been spreading misinformation about me, hurting my credibility, so I’ve decided to write a page about everything that has happened between us. To make things clear I am not asking anyone to attack Tiaz. This page has been written for the sole reason of telling the truth and maybe will serve as a warning to some.

While reading this please consider this has been happening over long period of time so it was hard for me to notice the abuse, especially from someone who says they are my ‘friend’ or ‘brother’.

Let’s start where it all started. We’ve met on Tumblr somewhere back in 2017. 

We talked through Tumblr and over time I taught him how to use Blender.

Then after some time it was clear that tumblr is going down so I made myself a website: likkezg.com. Tiaz wanted a website too, so I helped him set it up.

We even use the same hosting if anyone cares to check.

I’ll let the man speak himself:

2017 is the year we were collabing on the 2B x Horse project. I made all of the assets we needed for the project: 2B, the horse, environment, rigs, etc… We agreed to animate the porn scenes together and publish the first half on my Patreon and the second half on his.

For a while everything was going well. Most of the porn loops had been completed and it was time to start working on the transitions between them… That’s when the stalling began.

After we released the preview shots of our movie and Tiaz gotten a couple Patreon supporters, he started using the assets I’ve created for the movie for his own personal gain and asking me to help him on top of that.

He started syncing his own personal animations to our 2b Horse movie project folder.

After a while the 2B horse project folder has become a complete mess, filled with all kinds of shit: Mercy, Tracer, etc models; his animations files, his animation renders. Basically, he has decided to use that folder as his own personal animations folder for some reason.

I was helping him with those anyway since he said he needs money and I was pretty easy to manipulate back then.

(The following block is a gallery. Click on the images to see all of them.)

(Listed only animations during the 2B project. There were way more I helped him with afterward.)

Even though I’ve put a lot of work into polishing his personal animations he would still somehow forget to credit me every now and then.

Tiaz would also always ask me to reblog his animations.

This is me working on the project, while he is working on his own animations:

(Spoiler alert: he used it again.)

And then he used it again:

‘Dude can I just release our movie unfinished to get free money?’

He promised not to use our assets anymore on September 26th:

Obviously, this promise has been broken. There’s countless animations he released after September 26th using my map, 2B and horse models.

(searched ‘tiaz-3dx horse’ on rule34.xxx. There are also other 2B animations with the dildos I didn’t include.)

I didn’t really have much enthusiasm to work on the project anymore and constantly helping him with his animations totally ruined it, so I started working on my own stuff too at this point.

After this message pretty much nothing happened. Tiaz continued working on his own stuff. The project was over. We just gradually stopped talking about it.

Part 1.5: Journey boy project

As you guys know, the Journey game doesn’t have any music.

He actually didn’t even bother installing the software because he had to download it for the next project we were doing.

Part 2: 3D Game project (Fap-Life)

After around 2-3 years since the 2B project, while I was working on my game project, Tiaz has messaged me again. 

He has suggested he will help me with the sound and music for the project.

Later he also agreed he will help with animations

I agreed for him to join since I was working alone so far and I really can’t do any music myself. It sounded pretty good.

And, of course, as soon as he joins, he asks me to do something for him. I’ve decided to agree one last time because it seemed like easy money (he still haven’t payed me to this day.)

After that I was basically working on the models and the story. After I was done with the first drafts we decided to animate previs together.

Previs is basically a super rough animation only with key poses and timings used very early in production to see if everything works.

I made the first part of the previs in a couple days, showing Tiaz how to do it, and set everything up for Tiaz to continue it.

(The following block is a gallery. Click on the images to see all of them.)

The gallery above shows Tiaz working on previs for 3 months.

And, on top of that, he promised not to start new animations but started a new one before finishing previs anyway.

Obviously, I wasn’t really happy with the giant delay on something that simple. However, we’ve decided to change up the story later so It didn’t really matter.

It didn’t go too well so we decided to start from a clean page.

We agreed that we do atleast 2 hours of work at 10 am every day. We agreed that the deadline is Sunday.

Pay attention to the time on messages in the following gallery.

(The following block is a gallery. Click on the images to see all of them.)

Tiaz has broken his promise yet again.

I took a couple days to think about it and I’ve decided it’s time for us to part ways. He has basically been an ideas man and has just been wasting my time.

Here’s the commit log on the project version manager as a proof:


He hasn’t done any music, he hasn’t done any animations, he hasn’t done anything to help the project. All he’s done is stall the project and lie.

(Oh and I know he’s going to say he helped find people but randomly meeting a programmer guy doesn’t require any effort or time)


(The following block is a gallery. Click on the images to see all of them.)

So Tiaz decided to play the victim and blame it all on being sick from withdrawal. This isn’t the first time he’s done that. He’s had constant drug abuse problems over the years and he promised several times that he quit only to return back to doing drugs again.

(The following block is a gallery. Click on the images to see all of them.)

So this brings us to today. Tiaz is trying to lie about the whole situation. And whenever I try to bring it up with him he just blocks me, unblocking me only to give threats and insults, then blocking again.

And it took him 5 months to release his newest animation.

Which is also just an asset flip.

And he’s threatening blackmail for me speaking out.

You guys make your own conclusions.

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16 thoughts on “Why the 2B x Horse project never happened, the aftermath.

  1. Damn, its like college “group project” all over again for me reading this conversation lmao. It reminded me that 1 dude that contribute zero input beside adding his name on it. Fck that dude

  2. Wow I didn’t realize he went this far. I wanted to do a project with him as well. Since I’m not as experienced in animation, I helped him with some character rigging to try and prove that I could be useful. He said that we would work on a project together once I finished the rig, but after I sent him the file it was pretty much radio silence. I didn’t think much of it at the time, I just assumed I annoyed him or something, but it feels bad knowing that he’s doing it to other people. Of course what he did to you way way worse, I just wish I could’ve seen this post before getting my hopes up of working with one of the “bigger artists”

    1. Yeah, have to be careful with that too. Have a friend who’s a good artist and got emails from some guy asking for drawings of his custom character.
      Turns out the guy has people draw his character then posts it on his own page saying he drew it.

      Luckily his page got reported and torn down, however he’s always making a new name and telling people they can never stop him.

  3. Oh man If pledged to you both for month now on patreon because i Loved “your” Style i guess i only Love your Style likkez and all Tiaz did is stealing the Models . I know to who im Not pledging anymore

    1. Yeah, I was always wondering why Tiaz’s “style” seemed so familiar in motion and looks to Likkez. Almost as if it was merely a copy.
      This story definitely explains it.

  4. i would like the animation to be release somewhere still, finished or not, maybe in public or private files, but pls, i dont rly like the fact i did wait 3 years for just know it’s over and will never be there..

  5. > ‘Sniffed coke to give some boost’
    Wow, 3D animator’s live is lot more glamorous than I thought

  6. Man, i literally got sick just by reading that. oh man, i think i wont be able to help you in the wor–NAH, just kidding hahaha. You probably get pissed just by reading that kind of frase, sorry. Hope you get good of all of this situation with that jerk.

  7. Imagine wasting 3 years of your life on working for a random crack-head for free.

    Whats wrong with you, my boy? You have impressive talent but no decent people around. Sad story.

  8. Yeah, I figured there was a falling out of sorts. You and a few other animators I’ve followed have run into the same issue where you partner up with someone, gain trust, but then they fuck it all up because they only use you to increase their “talents.” When it comes to being a lone animator, it isn’t easy finding people who will be professional.

    Well, 2020 is almost over. Here’s hoping after all this epidemic & bullshit that 2021 will be grand for you.

  9. I always thought his animations and assets looked familiar. I had no idea about any of this.

  10. Sorry to hear that man, you did the right thing. I wouldn’t be too worried about his threats though if I were you. They’re as empty as his soul.

  11. The users and abusers. Any of us with a good heart have these stories about losers who take and never give back. It’s unfortunate that you have to make people earn your trust. Feel for you, stay real and true to yourself.

  12. oh my god.I found him in other people’s places. But I found a lot of videos that didn’t exist on his website. It turned out to be so.

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