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  1. I have to say i’m very impressed. You should create a discord so you can get consistent community feedback 😀

    1. Thanks! I already have a discord but its only for patrons rn. Maybe i should make it public idk

      1. Stumbled across this on pornhub and wanted to play it. But I can’t seem to download it. I’ve gone as far as downloading Unreal Engine myself and tried to save the file in the my projects folder, and I still can’t figure it out! What am I doing wrong Likkez?!

      1. Couldn’t start: … … CreateProcess() returned 2.
        Maybe it shuold be in .uproject format?

  2. How to get solo scene? I’ve seen one in gallery but have no idea how it’s achieved in-game.

  3. Hello, First off fantastic work.
    I know the game is still very early on but are you still working on it.

  4. This is what will destroy me at no-nut-november and that’s a huge compliment. Please continue this, it looks sooo hot already!

  5. Couple suggestions here:
    *You should definetly add your previous animation works with Alyx, they are just too perfect to not be included:
    A. New enemy – Female futa combine with 2 animations:
    1. Anal fuck: http://likkezg.com/2018/01/09/half-life-2-alyx-vance-fucked-anally-by-combines/
    2. Titjob: http://likkezg.com/2018/05/02/half-life-2-alyx-vance-titjob/
    B. Another new enemy – Alyx futa clones, coz what can be better than fugged alyx – only alyx fugged by alyx(es)! xD It can be variations of your previous bang animation: http://likkezg.com/2018/05/30/half-life-2-alyx-vance-fucked-by-combines/
    1. Only “backdoor” with alyx hands behind.
    2. Only deepthroat with alyx hands on futa alyx hips.
    3. Bang in both holes, like original animation.

    *Another options is to add cum animation sequences like it have with health restore automaton. Those are amazing.

    *Also great part about current animations is alyx face expressions. Don’t abandon this, it make it feel more lively.

    *One of alyx dress variations could be in her jeans that get down during fug scenes (like she have in combine gang animation).

  6. Does comments with links not work? –
    1. Best thing is alyx face animations during scenes – it making it feels more “alive”, don’t abandon this feature.

    2. Add more cum sequence animations like health restore automaton have. Cum animations are important part of sec scenes.

    3. Add alyx model with her jeans but get her jeans down during sex scene, like in alyx gangbang with combines animation.

    4. You should definitely add your previous alyx animation from blog to game along its enemies: So couple ideas how it could be
    A. Female Futa combine with 2 animation: 1. Titjob 2. Standing anal fug.
    B. Another enemy – Alyx futa clones: what can be better than fuged alyx – alyx fuged by alyx! xD. It could be done like alyx-combine gangbang animation positions: 1. from behind with alyx hands held behind. 2. deepthroat with alyx hand on hips of futa. 3. same gangbang animation from blog.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your suggestions! ;D I really like the idea of the outfit with jeans. It can be used at the start of the game when shes not really into it i guess :p

      I cant directly reuse the anims Ive made before but i guess i could just redo them and I probably will with some.

      The idea with futa Alyx’s is very cool too. I will add dem to my trello so i dont forget 😮

  7. It tells me

    Fatal Error:
    [File:D:\Build\++UE4\Sync\Engine\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp] [Line:200]
    Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error:0x887A0006-‘HUNG’)

    1. Unfortunately, thats some issue on ur end. I cant really fix that in the game p: Maybe if you look it up on google u will find sometihng

  8. Gotta say really liking this alpha so here’s some suggestions:

    Add in invert look cause some use it like myself :p

    Add some weapons like a strap on against a female combine be pretty op

  9. Amazing alpha I cant wait to see what you do next!! I love how even her expressions change with the different speeds! Got some suggestions too if you like

    May I suggest an all the way through anim with the tentacle?

    Maybe have more and more cum build up on/inside her as she gets fugged more and more.

    Going off of the jeans down idea maybe having clothes falling/torn off as like a damage

    Anyway great work, the walk cycle butt(full size of course) jiggle alone added 10 years to my life.

  10. Looks great!!! The animations are so smooth, facial animations are perfect…for been an alpha it’s an incredible work…
    You got planned add more female characters in the future ? Like Zoey from L4D for example…
    Anyways…great job, Two words: Love It!!!

  11. really big fan and wanted to play this game. but i cant seem to play it. ive tried the windows virtual thing and it crashes the application. im sorry to bother with this but could i get some help with this. thank you.

  12. Wow, it’s awesome…would like to see more in the future..
    Will be more animations and female characters?
    Love your work!!!

  13. If feet were included in this game this could be game of the year.

    (We know some unnamed companies are not getting) love your work keep it up.

  14. Fantastic!!!
    But my question is…there’s gonna be more updates ?
    Anyway great work!! A Masterpiece.

  15. Great job for an alpha 😉
    There’s gonna be mod support ?People could make models that they liked to see in the game or could be obtained through your patreon like Quiet, but it’s just a suggestion.
    keep it up! I love all your work!!!

    1. Download, unzip file, make sure you have the unreal engine from epic.com, unzipped file location click the application.

  16. Possibly add in new creatures, and ways to spawn. For example Combine that … Do it after they’ve shot you down, more… Ways for it to happen and possibly more animation.

  17. The best game of the era xD, its perfect even being an alpha.
    I have a character suggestion for next updates.
    Can you add Honoka from DOA, it would be wonderful to see her in this game.

    1. Try to download the 32 bit version, then open the folder of the game, go to Engine/Extras/Redist and install the UE4PrereqSetup, after that restart your computer, go to the game folder again and lauch MyProject9 as administrator, if that doesn’t work, try any compatiblility mode….that worked for me…hope it works for you, peace.

      1. *Edit: sorry, i made a mistake i wanted to Say “Try to download 64 bit version again”
        I can’t spell right without my glasses…that or to many faps left me blind…

  18. quick question do you automatically get updates on the game? or do you have to be a patreon to receive them? Just curious because id like to know when a new build of the game is ready and playable.

    1. I have a new build on patreon but its a bit raw for public release p: Sorry I’m a bit slow cuz of some personal bullshit in my life

  19. will there be characters from other games like Miss Pauling from TF2? would really like to see her in the game :))

  20. i have downloaded the project but dont know how to run it, i can find anything on the internet about it

        1. try going to the file location, right click the application and creating a short cut this worked for me when i was having launch issues.

  21. This has to be the best thing i have seen in a long time and i am really really looking forward to seeing it complete

  22. Will the be VR support. I get many people wouldn’t want to be the person getting fucked in a VR game.

  23. I installed it and put it in my unreal projects ( im assuming thats its unreal engine) and its not working any help?

  24. ey, nice job with the game, considering that its in alpha.

    looking forward to hearing from you more.

  25. A review type of comment

    first thing, the game is fucking good, considering that it has more quality than your average nutaku (a big porn game company) games.
    the sex animations are smooth as fuck, and the customisability is decent.

    Also considering that its alpha, its still really good.

    i reccomend trying this one.

    1. also also, considering that it uses the unreal engine, it triggers the situation of

      “i know that it isnt real but my brain thinks it is and pushes the “make dick extra hard” button”

  26. So, you can get shot up with cream down there and the natural next question (for me at least) is “is there a pregnancy mechanic?”

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